Adoption is so exciting! As you are getting your home and heart ready to add to your family, having a solid foundation and plan is help.  We can provide a family evaluation and identify where your family is currently at re: healthy communication and managing trauma that people have experienced, and parental attachment styles. We also provide a family parenting plan for the transition of adding children to you family and get you confident in you therapeutic parenting skills for your newest addition.  Help siblings prepare and get support for any adjustment issues they have is important to address before, during, and after the adoption process too. We have some great groups available for siblings.


Parents often need extra support after the adoption, so we provide a lot of parenting one on one debriefing and problem-solving support We provide family evaluations to see what each person in the family is struggling with and provide a suggested treatment plan for living healthy. Teaching parents TheraPlay games that will facilitate attachment as well as TBRI therapeutic parenting techniques that will help calm the household and help parents feel in control. Helping each family member be able to verbally express their needs and get their needs met is an important goal of ours. Outside of individual and family counseling, we have great groups for both parents and children.


We provide a TheraPlay MIM assessment to pinpoint any attachment issues that your adopted child maybe struggling with (even if you brought them home at birth). This is a great resources to know if your child is struggling with attachment or trauma. Please be aware that bonding with your child is not attachment. Most parents and children bond after adoption. Attachment is a brain's opinion of safety and trust of a caregiver. This amygdala function greatly affects many developmental and behavioral challenges that your child maybe experiencing as a result of being adopted. Please ask us for more information about how a MIM assessment may be helpful in your family's treatment plan.


Families with multiple children are highly encouraged to consider going through our Family Intensive as it is the most thorough and fastest way towards a calm and healthy house.

TBRI Care-Giving Training is appropriate for parents, extended family, babysitters, teachers, and anyone who wants to support a family who had adopted. We will teach you about the specialized issues that are unique to families who have adopted. Helping you know how to be supportive and helpful in the best possible way while insuring you don’t over extend yourself or intrude on the adopted family. Knowing where the boundaries are and what the support goals look like is very important for good support systems.

Educators at School or Church

We provide 1hr in-services for staff on TBRI and sensory processing that will educate the people working with your adopted child. Our in-services provide the education about what is happening in the child’s brain, how to practically use sensory processing to ground the child, and interventions that can be use to keep a child safe when the child is being disruptive to the group dynamic.

TheraPlay Sunshine groups are also a great addition to incorporate TheraPlay and TBRI into the classroom. Ask us for a demonstration!

Anyone who is wanting more information is encouraged to come to one of our video viewings or attend a workshop.

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