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Therapeutic Parenting

Traditional Parenting                                    Therapeutic Parenting

See a behavior in child                                  See the behavior

Reward or discipline child                            Notice what part of the brain child is operating in.

Correct behavior                                             Parent the child’s brain (not the behavior)

Educate child about subject                          Use sensory processing to ground them and get back

for doing better next time                             into upstairs/in control brain

                                                                          Do a role play “do-over” to correct and educate behavior

Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)

TBRI was developed by TCU Child Development Center (http://child.tcu.edu).

It is a therapeutic parenting model that involves TheraPlay activities at it's core. This fun-filled parenting style is for any parenting wanting a healthy relationship with their child. Whereas, TBRI was originally designed for parents who have adopted a hurt child; we now know that it is very successful at helping parents and children communicate better together and be a healthier family.

TBRI Services We Offer

-Individual and Family evaluations and treatment plans

-Family Intensives

-TBRI Support Groups for Parents, Teens, and Children

Caregiver Trainings for Parents, Friends, Family Members, Babysitters and anyone who wants to be a TBRI caregiver for a child who needs TBRI parenting. (This is not a -TBRI certification.)

-TBRI Video Viewings for people wanting to understand TBRI more in-depth

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