Unlocking The True You

This fun-filled workshop is designed to help you know and gain confidence in being the real, true You!

Empowering You to Thrive in God’s Transforming Grace

Working from the Inside Out


Goal: To give you the tools to understanding who God created you to be on the inside, and help the “real” you show up on the outside.



Addressing questions like:

Where am I stuck?

How do I get unstuck?

How can the person on the inside show up on the outside?

Is it possible to be the real me, in this body?

What does the process look like?


Attendees will be given:

  • an individual profile of their body, their mind, and their spirit

  • information on next steps if they are not happy with their current body, mind, or spirit state

  • an optional opportunity to receive a personalized body make-over  which includes: color eval, clothing eval, a haircut, and custom make-up design.

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